“Napoleon in Egypt”

Photo Feb 09, 10 47 49 AM-2



Carved from solid rock, the Sphinx portrays an Afrikan Pharaoh. The nose is missing because Europeans (Napoleon’s soldiers), in an effort to obscure powerful, blatant, undeniable evidence of Black Afrikan achievement, blew off the broad Africoid nose and part of the generous lips with cannon fire! The Los Angeles Times (June 4, 1990) actually reported that “When Napoleon visited the Sphinx in 1798, everything but the head was buried in sand…his soldiers reputedly used the Sphinx for target practice.” While the Sphinx had already suffered nose damage prior to Napoleon, the greatest destruction took place during Napoleon’s occupation of Egypt, as documented by Tony Browder, and testified by the collection of Sphinx portraits he has assembled on page 225 of his book Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization.

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